Sunday, November 22, 2009

Manchester United 3-0 Everton: Wonder Strike

United do not want anchester long apart from Chelsea's at the top of Premier League standings. The proof, as entertain Everton at Old Trafford, The Red Devils played persisted for a landslide victory Arsenal 3-0 and moved from the second position. Saturday (22/11/2009).

United's success this time performance can not be separated from his courtiers slick midfield. Can be seen, the three goals that created all recorded by Darren Flatcher midfielder, Michael Carrick and the middle winger Antonio Valencia rise.

Flatcher scored at minute 35. A Patrick Evra's cross with a header reflected by Valencia at the Scottish player to hit later in the half-volley kick to the far goal post The Toffes.

Goalkeeper Tim Howard was not able to reduce the speed of the ball and rush to give up the digits into the scoreboard 1-0. This position lasted until halftime.
Carrick is the second goalscorer to execute on 67 minutes. Measured kick from outside the penalty area after Ryan Gigs welcome feedback to change the position 2-0.

Valencia perfecting a 3-0 United victory at minute 76. Ecuador national team mainstay players get away from the off-side trap and fired the ball straight toward the goal. Bouncing ball hit by Howard's Everton make die steps must be surrender and return to see his goal conceded for the third time.

With this 3-0 victory United's position straight into the Premier League standings and won 28 points. Foster children displaced Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsenal are the other match ended in the hands of Sunderland with a slim 1-0 score.


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